Let’s check out this week’s tragedy while we continue to use Second Amendment as an excuse. Issue 2 | September 29, 2013
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NRA calls for armed school guards in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Basically more guns, not less. I personally think they missed the plot on this one.
rip hostess

Empty Hostess shelves all over town.

Update – Tue., Nov. 20, 2012: Hostess Brands said Tuesday evening that a last-ditch mediation session with its bakers’ union over a new contract imposed in bankruptcy court had failed, bringing the company closer to liquidation.

It’s probable, quite possible, that the state of Hawaii IS OUT OF DING DONGS. Everywhere I went it was the same story – 7/11, Longs, Foodland, Times, Safeway, and finally Walmart – sold out.

Dragging a friend from store to store, only to face empty shelves once we got there. He was quite irritated to be lugged around, but that’s okay, I’m not that fond of him anyway. He asks, “What’s the big deal?” Clearly, he didn’t have a happy childhood. -_-

At one store, as I was staring at an empty Hostess shelf, a father and daughter approached behind me and the little girl sadly cried out “They’re all gone!” I know little girl, I know – no more Twinkies for you. No more Twinkies for anybody.

In another store, I asked a clerk if they had any Hostess cakes because I was going from aisle to aisle, but couldn’t find them. He said they were all out, but they have Little Debbie Snacks. Excuse me mister, I don’t want Little ‘fuckin’ Debbie nor do I want Mr. Freshley’s. Who the fuck is Mr. Freshley? I’ve never heard of him! All I want is a box of fuckin’ Ding Dongs!

I might have to face the fact that I’ll never taste Ding Dongs again. Damn you Union strike. Damn you. [Sigh] So long old pal. Thanks for the memories of being the surprise treat in my lunch box; of being one of my favorite frozen treats growing up (Yes, I use to freeze you up. Yum!). Hey, remember that one time I got totally stoned and ate a whole box of you (Okay, that probably happened more than once). I know Twinkies and Cup Cakes were the popular ones, but you were always my favorite.

After going to six different places and coming up Ding Dong-less, I was feeling quite melancholy. On the drive home I spotted a Circle K, but I just couldn’t bring myself to stop at one more place…I couldn’t.

Walk to End Alzeihmers

Walk to End Alzeihmer’s Event – Posting volunteer photos that your company gets involved in builds goodwill among your clients.

Social media users love photos. They love to share and interact with them such as ‘liking’ or commenting or retweeting them. The popularity of social network sites such as Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram shows we have become a photo-crazed society. Business owners can gain on popularity of photos by posting them on their social media pages.

Here are 7 types of photos that play best on social media:

1. Product photos. It’s a good idea to post photos of new products. To increase engagement even further, consider offering a deal along with a photo.

2. Teaching photos. Mentally deconstruct the core purpose of your business. Now consider taking photos of every step of your process (i.e. how you use your product or how you administer a service) and using photo editing mobile applications to splice it together.

3. Event photos. In-office and in-store events can provide endless photo opportunities. Take photos of team members making speeches or giving awards (with captions detailing achievements) and of customers in attendance. Warning: questionable party shots are a never a good idea.

Read the full list in Katie Morell’s article on OpenForum.com.

social media content

What are 10 addictive types of content that people like to share in social media?

Ever wonder what type of contents are people most likely to ‘share’, ‘retweet’, or ‘like’ in their social network? There are topics that seem to get noticed and receive more engagement than others. Jeff Bullas has compiled a list of 10 content types that people seem to be addicted to sharing. In my opinion, one of the best social blogger out there, Jeff often writes about these contents and his blog has become a “go to portal” for social media related topics.

10 Addictive Types of Content

10. Infographics
Providing infographics that simplifies the presentation of complex data and facts and figures are proving to be extremely popular. This content type also lends itself to being embeded in other blogs and websites.

9. Research
The latest research provides signposts for future planning and validates and lends credibility to strategies. If managers can provide proof of why something should be done then it helps them take action and obtain approval from their CEO. Research does need to be presented with well formatted articles that allow skimming and scanning for “time poor” executives! Bullet points, screen shots and subtitles are all important elements to provide easy reading.

8. News Stories
Blogs are the digital worlds online magazines and newspapers and providing the latest news is always attractive and valuable content. Don’t hesitate to put your own slant on the news that displays your grasp of your industry.

Check out the rest of the content list.

social media buzz

Social media buzz can give your business an edge in digital marketing.

As a small business owner, do you know what it takes to have an edge against your competitors when it comes to digital marketing? You have to know that having a website is only a small aspect. In today’s world, having an effective social media campaign can create the buzz your company is looking for.

Consumers are online and most of them are active in social networks. Check out these statistics:

  • Around 22% of the total time spent on the Internet is on channels like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Approximately 53% of small business owners are combining their marketing campaign with social media. An estimated 88% of this population believe that the biggest advantage of this method is exposure.
  • Around 24% of entrepreneurs engage in social activities only when they have free time, while 12% consider it a necessity.

If you’re looking to start your social media marketing today, read this wonderful article by Social Media & SEO (SMSEO) with tips and ideas you can incorporate in your own strategies using popular social networks including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.



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