I moved to Honolulu six years ago, right before the peak of our Great Recession. As you may recall, the housing market took a great hit during this time. Ironically, I landed a job with a real estate firm six weeks after arriving in town and am currently still with the firm. Working in the real estate field provides one a very interesting point of view of the slow economic recovery. It鈥檚 intriguing to see the connection of the housing market to the current economic climate.


When I arrived in 2008, most, if not all, big housing projects and developments were halted. The construction industry was at a standstill. Fast forward six years later and the Honolulu skyline is littered with massive cranes and detour road signs are scattered all over the place. Tourism is alive and well again in Hawaii and a wave of investors from the Mainland and foreign countries are once again looking to own a piece of this paradise. Yes, the economy is looking pretty good!

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This is one of the oldest and largest Banyan tree on Oahu (note the size of the people walking in the background). It has been a cooling off spot and has provided shades for many generations – island residents and visitors alike. I hope this old girl sticks around for many more years.

banyan tree at ala moana beach park

Captured Honolulu skyline just before sunset across the water from Ala Moana Beach Park. I love the powerful reflection from the Nauru Tower though I鈥檓 not sure what harm that is doing to our environment, if any. It does make for a dramatic light which makes it one of my favorite subject to shoot around town. In about a year or so, this skyline is going to change drastically because of all the back to back luxury condos that are being developed in this area. Not too many locals will be able to afford to live in those condos, but foreign investors will snap them up. Ah, the price of living in paradise.


There are many pathways that covers the 100-acre Ala Moana Beach Park. It doesn鈥檛 matter which path you choose, you鈥檒l be rewarded with a beautiful scenery. This particular path is right by Magic Island that leads you to the center of the park.

ala moana beach park paths

Front row and center. Best bench to view sunsets. Find it at the Diamond Head side of Ala Moana Beach Park. First come, first served. 馃槈

sunset - ala moana beach park

At any given day, you鈥檒l find fishermen, wedding photography, yoga and meditation classes in this area. If you stand at the edge of the point, you鈥檒l be rewarded by an amazing skyline view from across the water. Also, probably the best spot to watch the sunset in the South Shore.


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