DayTripping: Kahuku, Oahu

For my first mobigraphy expedition, I decided to head over the Kahuku. Kahuku is a small town over at the northeastern coast of Oahu. When I first moved here to Oahu 3 years ago, I would pass by this town on my way to the North Shore. At the time, I did not know much about the town, only that it has more shrimp food trucks than any other spot on the island. Turns out, Kahuku is home to shrimp farms in Oahu and the row of food trucks one sees on Kamehameha Hwy. harvest those fresh shrimps daily and cook them to order. And let me tell ‘ya, they are ono! I’m pretty confident in saying that I’ve hit all the shrimp trucks in Kahuku. 🙂 Now, there’s more to Kahuku besides the shrimps, but seriously, the shrimps are sooo good! Find out more about Kahuku.

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