12 Useful Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

social media buzz
Social media buzz can give your business an edge in digital marketing.

As a small business owner, do you know what it takes to have an edge against your competitors when it comes to digital marketing? You have to know that having a website is only a small aspect. In today’s world, having an effective social media campaign can create the buzz your company is looking for.

Consumers are online and most of them are active in social networks. Check out these statistics:

  • Around 22% of the total time spent on the Internet is on channels like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Approximately 53% of small business owners are combining their marketing campaign with social media. An estimated 88% of this population believe that the biggest advantage of this method is exposure.
  • Around 24% of entrepreneurs engage in social activities only when they have free time, while 12% consider it a necessity.

If you’re looking to start your social media marketing today, read this wonderful article by Social Media & SEO (SMSEO) with tips and ideas you can incorporate in your own strategies using popular social networks including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


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