10 Addictive Types of Content

social media content
What are 10 addictive types of content that people like to share in social media?

Ever wonder what type of contents are people most likely to ‘share’, ‘retweet’, or ‘like’ in their social network? There are topics that seem to get noticed and receive more engagement than others. Jeff Bullas has compiled a list of 10 content types that people seem to be addicted to sharing. In my opinion, one of the best social blogger out there, Jeff often writes about these contents and his blog has become a “go to portal” for social media related topics.

10 Addictive Types of Content

10. Infographics
Providing infographics that simplifies the presentation of complex data and facts and figures are proving to be extremely popular. This content type also lends itself to being embeded in other blogs and websites.

9. Research
The latest research provides signposts for future planning and validates and lends credibility to strategies. If managers can provide proof of why something should be done then it helps them take action and obtain approval from their CEO. Research does need to be presented with well formatted articles that allow skimming and scanning for “time poor” executives! Bullet points, screen shots and subtitles are all important elements to provide easy reading.

8. News Stories
Blogs are the digital worlds online magazines and newspapers and providing the latest news is always attractive and valuable content. Don’t hesitate to put your own slant on the news that displays your grasp of your industry.

Check out the rest of the content list.

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