Types of Photos That Play Best on Social Media

Walk to End Alzeihmers
Walk to End Alzeihmer’s Event – Posting volunteer photos that your company gets involved in builds goodwill among your clients.

Social media users love photos. They love to share and interact with them such as ‘liking’ or commenting or retweeting them. The popularity of social network sites such as Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram shows we have become a photo-crazed society. Business owners can gain on popularity of photos by posting them on their social media pages.

Here are 7 types of photos that play best on social media:

1. Product photos. It’s a good idea to post photos of new products. To increase engagement even further, consider offering a deal along with a photo.

2. Teaching photos. Mentally deconstruct the core purpose of your business. Now consider taking photos of every step of your process (i.e. how you use your product or how you administer a service) and using photo editing mobile applications to splice it together.

3. Event photos. In-office and in-store events can provide endless photo opportunities. Take photos of team members making speeches or giving awards (with captions detailing achievements) and of customers in attendance. Warning: questionable party shots are a never a good idea.

Read the full list in Katie Morell’s article on OpenForum.com.

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